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Refrigerator Defrost Problem

refrigerator defrost problem

  • An appliance or compartment that is artificially kept cool and used to store food and drink. Modern refrigerators generally make use of the cooling effect produced when a volatile liquid is forced to evaporate in a sealed system in which it can be condensed back to liquid outside the refrigerator

  • white goods in which food can be stored at low temperatures

  • Refrigerator was an Appendix Quarter horse racehorse who won the Champions of Champions race three times. He was a 1988 bay gelding sired by Rare Jet and out of Native Parr. Rare Jet was a grandson of Easy Jet and also a double descendant of both Depth Charge (TB) and Three Bars (TB).

  • A refrigerator is a cooling apparatus. The common household appliance (often called a "fridge" for short) comprises a thermally insulated compartment and a heat pump—chemical or mechanical means—to transfer heat from it to the external environment (i.e.

  • Defrosting is a procedure, performed periodically on refrigerators and freezers to maintain their operating efficiency. Over time, as the door is opened and closed, letting in new air, water vapour from the air condenses on the cooling elements within the cabinet.

  • Thaw (frozen food) before cooking it

  • make or become free of frost or ice; "Defrost the car window"

  • (Defrosted (album)) Defrosted is the second album by American rock band Frijid Pink. Released in the summer of 1970, the album is more blues-based hard rock than its predecessor, yet still contains the characteristic fuzz guitar sound featured prominently on the group's first album, Frijid Pink.

  • Remove frost or ice from (the windshield of a motor vehicle)

  • (of frozen food) Thaw before being cooked

  • A thing that is difficult to achieve or accomplish

  • An inquiry starting from given conditions to investigate or demonstrate a fact, result, or law

  • trouble: a source of difficulty; "one trouble after another delayed the job"; "what's the problem?"

  • A matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome

  • a state of difficulty that needs to be resolved; "she and her husband are having problems"; "it is always a job to contact him"; "urban problems such as traffic congestion and smog"

  • a question raised for consideration or solution; "our homework consisted of ten problems to solve"

My Old Fridge

My Old Fridge

Would you like to buy a refrigerator? It is clean and does not smell bad. It is lit from within by powers unknown. It will keep your food cold, and your ice even colder.

Would you like to give this pleasant refrigerator a home? It will not comment on your eating habits. I don't know its source of power, but it might be atomic. Once or twice a year, it will sing to let you know it's defrosting. Sometimes you may want to smash its circulation fan with a ball-peen hammer to make the singing stop. But the singing won't stop. The singing is coming from inside your head.

Would you like to own a fine used refrigerator? A friendly appliance that will listen to your problems, and offer solutions in the form of refreshing juices, or comforting yogurts? Perhaps your problems can only be solved by a well chilled bottle of pinot grigio. Perhaps you need more than one bottle. You have problems.

Don't you want a nice refrigerator in your life? It would be like a replacement for love. And you could keep your carbonated beverages inside. It's not like you're doing anything else with your life. Is it?

-from Would You Like A Refrigerator, And Perhaps Other Appliances In Addition — an Anthology? by Anthemic Tangle

P.S.: No offers please; this fridge is long gone! I miss it sometimes...

refrigerator defrost problem

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